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CEMLEC History

The Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (CEMLEC) SWAT team was started in 1995 and was based out of the Auburn Police Department. It was started as a regional SWAT team that would be based on mutual aid agreements between the participating towns. They would be able to provide specialized services and manpower to towns that didnít have the manpower or the training that are necessary in certain situations. The original member towns of CEMLEC were Auburn, Webster, Southbridge, and Millbury.

The SWAT team today consists of over 30 members. There are negotiators, medics, snipers, as well as entry personnel. They respond to a variety of situations including but not limited to hostage situations, high risk warrant service, tactical searches for wanted persons, as well as for persons that are missing or endangered.

Today CEMLEC has grown to cover over 45 cities and towns, as well as the Worcester County Sheriff's Office. Today, CEMLEC not only consists of a SWAT team, but also an accident reconstruction unit and motorcycle unit.